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Retro Monster Truck Review

Mar 26, 2021

Were skipping ahead a few years here on RMTR to talk about one of my favorite events held inside Sam Boyd Stadium. Monster Jam hosted its 9th installment of the World Finals in the year 2008 and capped off what many feel as one of the best seasons to date for the promotion!

Mar 19, 2021

TNT Motorsports comes to a new venue with a radical new racing format and a whole lot of drama! Dallas 1990 might be the most high energy charged weekend of Monster Truck Racing we've ever seen. Join myself and Doug Welker as we break down the action!

Mar 12, 2021

I still get goosebumps thinking about this event. Buffalo 1987 produces a few of the great "What If's" in the sport. As were treated to watching some of the best racing you'll ever see from the sports early days. This was a fun episode, and its amazing that these guys kept the shiny side up!

Mar 5, 2021

One of the most Star-Studded lineups in the sports short history! Fred Shafer, Andy Brass, Dennis Anderson, Gary Porter, David Morris, the list goes on in this who's who field of trucks. Matt Stoltz joins me to talk about some very early Penda Monster Truck competition on this weeks episode you surely don't want...