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Retro Monster Truck Review

Sep 24, 2021

After a week off we return with Day 2 Competition from Toledo Speedway! Despite not having the huge "highlight" moment from day 1, day 2 still provided the best racing action on this entire weekend! TNT Went to work on the track and made the course much more even and it showed right from the get go in Qualifying!...

Sep 10, 2021

A unique event that TNT Motorsports showcased in 1988 was here at Toledo Speedway. A "Double U" shaped track with a short run up to a turn. We are hot and heavy into the 1988 points chase here with USA-1 beginning to nip away at Bigfoot's point lead! Join Josh and Matt as we talk about the one and only time TNT...

Sep 3, 2021

Were going back to 1993 for this weeks episode and again bringing you the high flying action of the Monster Wars series. Pueblo Colorado played host to a tight straight line track that proved to be difficult for even some of the sports World Champions to master!